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Ive missed you, old friend.

According to Livejournal, I have not posted in over 7 weeks.  That, my friends, is a record on here I believe.  For me at least.  I havent really been busy, I just havent had the time or motivation to collect all my thoughts.  So lets see....what have I been up to since we last met.....?

Poison/Def Leppard/Cheap Trick: This was an amazing concert!  Soo much fun.  My first time seeing all of these bands live.  The group that went was Jason, Scott, Sabrina, Shila, Kimmie, Brian and me.  We all met at Bennigans before for dinner and man did they make it hard to surprised them!  Ha ha!  I didnt want there to be any unnecessary drama about who's driving and with whom so I decided to spring for the old Limo surprise again.  It worked out better than I thought it would.  So much easier with less people but it all worked out in the end!  The concert was a lot of fun and I hope to go again sometime.

Lisa and Richards Pool Party:  Thank you!  It was a great time!  Too bad the weather didnt get the memo you were having an outdoor party that day.  Brian made me a sweet Wipeout themed cake.  Very tasty.  The party was a lot of fun too.  Its always nice to get the group together some place other than a noisy smokey bar!

MY 24th BIRTHDAY:  Unfortunately I had to work until 5.  Brian came up and had lunch with me at Potbellys.  After work he and I went bowling(I was SOOO close to beating him on the second game).  After bowling we had dinner at a Thai place in DT Plymouth followed by a nice walk around the city and a trip to AMC to see Funny People with Jason.  Good times!

My Birthday Party: I want to thank everyone who took the time to come out at some point to celebrate my birthday with me.  I had a total blast.  Skating made me a little nervous at first but once I got back in the groove it was smooth sailing.  Getting dressed up was so much fun.  Especially going to dinner in all of our  80's gear glory.  Unfortunately Sam and I were the only ones that really went all out but it was still a lot of fun.  The band Mega 80's that was playing at the Magic Bag that night was great.  They never stopped playing.  Except for a short intermission where they left and then came back in wigs and rocker clothes to pay tribute to the "Metal" bands of the 80's.  All in all a really fun time!

Pirate Party:  Always a good time.  Perfect weather too!  The only bad part was coming home with a bajillion bug bites all over my legs.  Ah well, live and learn.  I'm also very disappointed I never got a chance to use the hottub but what can ya do?  It was so nice to see Jeff, Kelley and Scott for the weekend too!  Always a good time!

Summer Slam: Went to Baileys to watch the WWE PPV.  Was a total dork and wore an old work shirt that advertised it from 05.  And of course I run into someone I used to work with at the toy store.  Score!  Also won a poster and a gift card.  YAY BEER!

Madick's 4th Annual House Warming:  Lots of fun.  My team won pictionary beause, well, we're awesome!  Again, its just nice to get to sit around and talk and laugh without being in a loud smokey bar!

Trivia: So basically, we have been dominating trivia just about every week.  Thats a good feeling.  Not to mention its always fun to hear the TJ announce whatever silly team name we have come up with for that week as well as the reaction of the other teams playing.

So there you have it.  Now we are all up to date!  Not sure if anyone reads this anymore but I thought itd be nice to update it anyway!

Have a good one


Just thinking...

So....there were a lot of anniversaries this past week/few days.  On the 5th marks the anniversary of the day we brought Titan home.  Hard to believe that was 7 years ago now.  What an old Geezer shes getting to be.  Also, a year ago last night was the Bon Jovi Concert meaning a year ago today was my interview at AC.  Again, hard to believe Ive almost been working at this job for a year.  Crazy how time flies sometimes.

It was very nice to see Jeff and Kelley last week even if the circumstances weren't ideal.  Sorry I couldnt stay very long Kelley, but I did want to make sure I was able to be there for a little while.

The weekend before last Brian and I spent some time at the Cabin with Jason.  It was a pretty good time.  Very relaxing.  The weather held out which was nice because it said it was going to rain at some point.

This past wednesday a few of us went out the The Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea to see Brenda Lane in a play called Wake.  What a great show.  Im so glad I went.  Thanks for putting it together Brian.  Even if it did make me cry like a baby I really, really enjoyed it.  If you have time between now and the end of the run (aug 22 i believe) you should really try to see it.  Bring tissues!  ;)

Thursday Jen Sherfey was trying to get everyone together for some trivia.  Since Brian and I have been exercising more we decided to walk to the mall before trivia just to hang out and then walk over to Marvasos where trivia was being held.  I am proud to say that we were first place (or tied for 1st) the entire game and remained that way through the final question.  This is one case where betting it all or nothing really worked out.  We were tied for first as we placed our bet for the final and we got it!!!!!!  Oh!  and heres the best part....Our Name was The Regal Beagle Eagles(threes company reference), they played a Bon Jovi song before trivia started and a Sinatra song during play.  How awesome is that?!?!?!  It was a good night at trivia for me!  :)

Friday my car went on the fritz.  For about a month now my car has been doing this new thing it learned called Stalling out.  Wonderful!  At first I just thought it happened because I had, lets say, neglected to get my oil changed.  So I got that done and still it was stalling out.  It wasnt until Friday driving around that it finally bit it.  I could barely get it started.  LUCKILY, Brian was with me.  I dont know what I would have done.  He was pretty much my hero because he got us to Midas before my car crapped out again.  Turns out a wire connecting one of my spark plugs has somehow gotten disconnected.

Saturday was a mess.  All I wanted to do was celebrate the 4th of July.  Thanks to Brian for hanging with me and to Carol and Joy for thinking of me and having us over for some dinner.  It was nice to see you and Kristin too!  Dont be a stranger!  :)

Sunday evening Brian and I decided to walk from my apartment to Emagine Theater in Canton.  BAD idea.  I got eaten alive.  The walk was nice, the bike trail got us right where we wanted to go, but those 3 spots walking through the woods was killer.  I have many a bug bite all over my body that wont stop itching.  We saw the Movie Year One w/ Jack Black.  It was pretty funny.  I was just happy we had the common sense to drop a car off before the walk so we didnt have to walk back.  We ended up stopping at the Meijer in Westland to catch the Fireworks. They were pretty good. 

Monday I had Jury Duty bright and early.  Luckily my dad let me take his car because mine was still in the shop.  I was there from 745-12:20 before they told us that the cases had fallen through and we were free to go.  Yay!!!!  Also, while  was there I got a call that my car was ready.  Doubly Yay!!!!  Im still kinda having issues with it but I really hope they go away.  Almost stalled out on my again last night.  Not cool!

Today is my half day.  I love this!  Since I share my half day one of us comes in early and the other in the afternoon.  The girl Im alternating with said that I could have early half days this month and then we will go back and forth.  This means.....I have an early half day the day of the Poison/Def Leppard/Cheap Trick concert and a late half day the day after my birthday!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of my birthday, I think Ive FINALLY decided what I want to do.  Invites to follow soon so look for it!!!!!!!  You wont want to miss this!


Break it down!

A lot has been going on so Ill just go by category...

WORK: Someone I work with doesnt like me.  Someone tattled because they thought I was online too much.  Next day I get an email from my boss saying how good my production numbers are...now how on earth does that happen if Im fooling around online all day?  Hmm...

TITAN: Shes better.  She got her stitches out this past Tuesday.  Her face still looks a little sad but I think shes very happy to have that cone off!

PLAY: Ive been pretty busy lately.  Congratulations to Kimmie for winning Cherry Martini Idol!  I am still SOOOO in love with Wipeout!  Went to my dance studios recital and it was bittersweet.  One of the little girls dances they were poodles and one girl accidently pulled off the other girls tail.  It was a pretty funny thing to watch.  She followed her around with it and then gave it to her so the girl whos tail it was had nowhere to put it so she just dropped it, only to make sure to grab it and dust it off as she was leaving the stage!  Dinner and UFC with Scott and Sabrina was fun!  Friday the 13th at Scott and Sabrinas instead of the bar was a nice change.  The new Marquee is up at the Penn and its purty!!!  I love sunshine!

HEALTH:  With Brians help I have been trying very hard to eat better and exercise more often.  I am feeling better already.  Its always good to have a support system when starting something like that if youve neglected it for a long time so Im happy someone is on board with me!  :)

MICHAEL JACKSON:  This blows my mind.  I was just sitting there watching the news on Thursday and they broke in and said that he was rushed to the hospital in a coma only to come back no more than a half hour later announcing he had passed.  As the days went on I thought about it more and more and began to realize how much Michael had always been around.  My mom loved the oldies so I was familiar with the Jackson 5 stuff.  Then when I got a little older and started listening to more popular music I can remember dancing around in my neighbors basement to Heal the World.  I was totally in love with the song at the end of Free Willy and I can vividly remember waiting for the You Are Not Alone video to play when I discovered music video stations and I wanted 'History" for the looooongest time.  Thriller was one of the first songs I learned a dance to when I started dancing and Im somewhat disappointed that I didnt learn that dance for the cruise.  I feel bad that Farrah Fawcets death was so overshadowed by this but at the same time I understand.  This was so unexpected and he was so loved.  Its very tragic, he will be missed.




  All Drugged Up!

Cone of Shame

So I got home from Cleveland last week just to find Titan with her right eye practically swollen shut.  Nice!  (Some dog sitter I hired!)  Im a little freaked out at this point but her demeanor hasnt changed any so I figure I can wait until my half day on Thursday to take her to the vet.  Titan had other plans.  I get home Tuesday after work and it must have been irritating her because there was now a gash and she was bleeding pretty bad.  Now Im really freaking out.  I call Brian and him and Shila go with me to rush her to the vet.  Thanks to Susan they already knew I was coming and were able to see her.  It turned out to be an absessed(?) Tooth.  They had to remove it and stitch her up and keep her over night.  :(  To keep my mind of things(ha) we met up with Scott and Sabrina and went bowling before heading to the bar.  Didnt stay too much after the contest and Brian was nice enough to stay with me for a bit afterwards so I was okay.  Picked her up Wednesday on my lunch break and she was sooo out of it still all drugged up.  Poor baby.  It was so sad.  I dont know what Im going to do when she gets older and loses energy.  :(  Shila was nice enough to pick up a cone from her work so that she wouldnt pick at her stitches or rub her face on the carpet.  She is now back to normal Titan speed and recovering well so far, although I do think she hates wearing that cone.

Other than that not much is going on.  Now one took me up on my offer Friday so I ended up watching the game with Brian and Shila.

Saturday Brian and I were supposed to have plans but because of the wings game and some unforeseen circumstances, they fell through.  Due to the wings game Brian asked if it would be okay to take a raincheck on the Dueling Pianos we were going to see so that Shila could still see her movie.  Granted I was a little disappointed but knew that if it were reversed I would hope I would get to see one of my favorite movies too.

I have more to say but Lunch time is over so Ive got to go.

Have a good one!  And come out to the CM tomorrow....ITS THE FINALS!!!  YOUR FRIENDS NEED YOUR VOTES!!!!



Hey all!!!

Just wanted to thow it out there cuz Im not doing anything....Anyone free and interested is welcome to come over to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight.  Anytime after 7 is cool, the game starts at 8!!!

woo hoo!!!!


"Electrical cords dont have braille"

Well, I'm sitting here typing this from my cousins house in Ohio.  Most of you probably don't know but I am here because my Great Aunt Rose passed away this past Thursday.  At first I didn't think I'd be able to make it because I didn't want to drive up and back in the same day but my boss was cool and let me take PTO to stay Monday.

I really can't believe I haven't posted in three weeks now.  This new position is keeping me busy I guess.  It's a lot of work, different schedule and so much to learn.

I began my new position on my dads birthday.  We celebrated his b-day with dinner at Red Robin the night before. With my new schedule not only does my half day rotate but my schedule does as well.  One week we work 8-430, the next week we work 830-5.  Mainly for phone coverage.  I just got on the phone for this first time this past thursday.  It's a little nerve racking but nothing I can't handle.  I just have to realize that I'm not always going to have the answers the agents are looking for but that just comes with the territory and besides, I am still learning.

Wipeout is back and that show makes me SOOOO happy.

The Kareoke Finals are pretty disappointing.  I think I might have to take at least a week off once this one is over....

Saw Night at the Museum 2  this past week with Brian and Joy on the IMAX.  That was a good time!

I'm really disappointed.  Not only can I not celebrate my Birhday when/how I want, I can't even get it off work, and OF COURSE it's a late week.  So I have to work 830-5 ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!  That BLOOOOOWWWWSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't get it off because another girl already asked for it off.  I wasn't going to ask for it off because in my old position I would have had a half day, no biggie.  However, when I moved over my schedule changed.....Needless to say I'm not happy about this....AT ALL.....Kicking around the Cedar Point Idea....any input would be appreciated. 

I got some much needed quality time with Miss Brandi Small last night.  Her mom was hosting a Lia Sophia party which was pretty fun and then we were back to our old ways and froliced around Meijer for a bit.  Good times!  We almost took the wrong car home! And we hadnt even been drinking!  haha!

The funeral is tomorrow and then we will be heading home.  I was kinda sad today.  I didn't know her that well but all of my aunts and uncles were pretty sad.  I didn't really know how to act.  They had what I would call a "recieving Line".  That made it even more akward because I hadn't seen most of these people since I was little and my dad didn't seem to realize my sister and I were behind him so he didn't even introduce us...Also...it was the LOUDEST wake I'd ever been too....strange.  lol.  This was the most unconventional wake I had ever been to.  Not to mention it was on Mayfield Rd...which is where my Nanna lived.  It makes me sad to be here, so close and not visit....granted we are here for something else but its still odd.....I really dont think I'm over it yet.....I really miss her....A Lot....

ANYWAY....I think I should wrap this up now....off to be social with the fam!


"Well, when I told Brian I was going to marry some other dude he said 'Over my dead body' so....here we are" -Me explaining why I'm getting married at Brian's Funeral (quote courtesy of Mr Brian Taylor!)

"Come see me....

...When you get in today."

Not a good email to get when you walk into work with 2 errors on your desk.  Lets go back....

I get into work today and I have one paper error and I have a check on my desk and an email from my boss telling me about a check I forgot to enter.  Then, I had only been there for about 10 minutes when I recieved above mentioned Email.

I go into my bosses office and immediately she lets me know Im not in trouble.  She goes on to tell me that 3 people have either left or been let go from the call center and they took 2 Underwriting assistants(UA) and a medical records tech still leaving 2 positions open, leading her to offer me a promotion to be an UA   Uh...what?!?!  This was very shocking to me especially when she went on to tell me that she had gone to the other UA's to ask their opinion on who to promote and they suggested me!  This is pretty awesome considering I havent even been there a year yet!  Needless to say, Im pretty stoked!!!!  Not only do they recognize my hard work but this also means a pay raise!!!!

So thats my good news for the day!

Have a good night now!



Tell me WHY oh WHY every time I log onto the American Idol website it makes my computer run SOOOOOO SLLOOOOOOWWWW!!!!

Today is off to a rocky start....I really hope things improve.  Its 8am and I want to hurt someone....not good.